La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 7

La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 7: When Vanessa met with Bruno, Bruno told Vanessa that they can make money, as long as you convince Rogelio, to continue to have a family enterprise. Then he said also that, if this is successful then his father would give the commission, but this should not be known by Rogelio, because if that happens then Rogelio can kill him.

To Gustavo, Mercedes said that she felt very strange when Ana Paula did not tell her aunt where she works, is likely caused by forgetting or having an argument with her aunt.

Ana Paula do not know what to say, when asked by Bruno, if you want to be treated differently.

When Rogelio asked Ana Paula about her feelings when she met him, she said that at first she felt very upset by the treatment of Margarito, but now she is very happy, seeing her smile.

In the assessment Vanesa, Ana Paula looks like herself, it is said to Bruno, and Bruno said that Rogelio right and aware of it.

Rogelio told Ana Paula, that her job was as a nurse and she does not have to do something outside their duties.

To Rogelio, Bruno showed former whip given to him, he also said that working for him like hell.

When Ana Paula is a walk in the park together with Rogelio, she stumbled and she was helped by Rogelio, after that they looked at each other.

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La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 6

La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 6: Ana Paula received an invitation from Rogelio for breakfast, then they both breakfast at a place that provides breakfast in town. Then, when they both finished breakfast, they go. Along with Ana Paula and Rogelio gone from that place, Gustavo go to that place, but through another door and Gustavo was in a state of frustration.

To Esteban, Vanesa asked about the issue of divorce, although she will try to defend it. However, he said he could not forget the paralysis. At that, Vanesa trying to calm him and told him not to say it.

Meanwhile, Rogelio told Ana Paula, that she was the first to restore confidence.

Consuelo found Efrain scarf there is room Cinthia, then Consuelo entered the room Cinthia, with the intention of cleaning it.

When meeting with Vanesa, Vanesa's father told Vanesa, so do not expect something that will never come.

When Ana Paula met with Vanesa in the village, she told her that she was forbidden to see Rogelio again.

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La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 5

La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 5: Knowing what has been done by Bruno (Julian Gil) to Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras), making Rogelio (Jorge Salinas) is very angry with Bruno.

Furthermore, the feeling worried in Rogelio, so asking him to pay attention to all instructions given by the doctor to repair. And also recommend to try to become better people.

Rogelio had an appointment to meet with an engineer, and they have agreed to meet in San Gabriel. To attend the meeting, Rogelio asked Ana Paula to accompany him.

At that time, Ana Paula were together with Rogelio, and Ana Paula were making reservations for them. Then come those who have an appointment to meet with Rogelio, that person is Gustavo (Jose Ron).

How subsequent events that would be experienced by Ana Paula? To get the answer and to know the full story, do not forget to watch on TV.

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La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 1: Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras) is a beautiful girl, smart and hardworking, she and her aunt named Rosaura (Ana Bertha Espin), through life on the work of her brother Miguel (Osvaldo Benavides).
Due to economic pressures, making Miguel make mistakes, Miguel was involved in a crime that connects them with the fate of Bruno (Julián Gil).
Bruno is a lawyer, who offered a job as a nurse to Ana Paula. Ana accept the profession as a nurse and then went to the Del Fuerte, she never imagined what would happen there.
La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 2: After arriving at the hacienda, Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras) met with Rogelio Montero (Jorge Salinas). Then, an orphan named Margarito who lived there, were persecuted by the owner of the Del Fuerte.
Ana Paula angry, then she went to him and offered to resign on the spot.
Rogelio be recalled the story of his past, when he saw Ana Paula.
La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 3: Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras) was rescued by Gustavo (Jose Ron), Gustavo is a hydraulic engineer who handsome, he was conducting a survey in a river. After the meeting, he wanted to meet again.
When Rogelio (Jorge Salinas) arrived at the house Ana Paula, Miguel will work, while Rosaura (Ana Bertha Espin) is excited by it, and Ana Paula asked him to stay.
Gustavo arrival to find Ana Paula, is not welcomed by Rosaura.
After listening to the story of Rogelio, Ana Paula felt sorry, then she found images of women in their hands.
La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 4: To Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras), Maria (Ana Martin) explains that Rogelio (Jorge Salinas) changes, after the accident. Maria is in charge of the house on the estate.
Accident is not a reason not to rebuild lives, it is said by Ana Paula to Rogelio.
Vanesa (Mar Contreras) fell from his chair, she was later helped by Maria, Ana Paula while helping Rogelio.
Ana Paula invited to ride a horse by Bruno (Julian Gil), but then heard gunshots.
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Die Hard 5

Die Hard 5: John McClane would conflict with the Russian mafia, in this conflict, McClane along with his son. The story takes place in the movie Die Hard 5, and John McClane still be played by Bruce Willis.

As reported by Aceshowbiz on Monday (08/01/2011), advanced film 'Live Free or Die Hard' was planned to be titled 'Die Hard 24 / 7' with the writer of 'The A-Team', Skip Wood.

Bruce Willis also had said in an interview with MTV, that the story for 'Die Hard 5' has been completed. But 20th Century Fox is still looking for the right director to replace Noam Murro. And is touted as a strong candidate to fill the director's chair 'Die Hard 5', is John Moore, a well-known through the 'Max Payne'. While Murro, is rumored to have other commitments as director '300: Battle of Artemisia '.

After the success of 'Die Hard' was released in 1988, Fox then makes 'Die Hard 2' in 1990, followed by 'Die Hard with a Vengeance' in 1995 and finally 'Live Free or Die Hard' in 2007.

Stories in each series the film Die Hard, McClane who worked as a police detective in New York City has always struggled against a group of terrorists.
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Una Familia Con Suerte Capitulo 110

Una Familia Con Suerte Capitulo 110: Want to get certainty about her relationship with Vicente, making Candela force Vicente to say whether he loved her or not. Got a question like that, Vicente said that he loved her, loved with all his soul, but he can not have a relationship. Hear answers such Vicente, Candela run. Meanwhile, Vicente Candela abandoned, frustrated.

Feeling that it was time for them to get married, Pancho and Rebe planning to get married this year. To carry out their plan, they will notify the family about their wedding plans.

Knowing the life of Pepe and Monica who lives in a modest apartment, makes Karina hopes the relationship between Pepe and Monica can last a long time. While Candela, expect a change in Irabien.

Lupita gave apologies to Elena, and she knows that Elena does not want to be alone.

To help the life of Pepe and Monica, Pancho helped and also gives advice to start a better life.

Later, Pancho and Rebe who have plans to get married this year, notify the plan to all his family. But the family did not approve it.

And Violeta told Enzzo, that she will not allow Chela destroyed her family.

Meanwhile, Mely trying to entertain Temo, and she feels completely wrong, so when they're talking near a well, Mely throws her cell phone into the water, and she says that things are not important material. Seeing the cell phone was thrown, Temo try to retrieve it from the water, but Temo fell into the water, he tried to escape but failed and finally he drowned. At a very critical moment, came Enzzo save him, and everyone thanked him, including Chela.
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